Resolutions Regarding Business Activity, Fence Policy, and Gym Rules
Posted on Mar 4th, 2022

Over the past few months, the board of directors have drafted and approved 3 Board resolutions for the Columbia Village Owners Association that provide clarification to homeowners regarding existing CCR policies and rules. They do not represent a change in the CCRs, but were developed to help answer frequently asked questions from homeowners in an effort to give a better understanding of the information the board uses when making decisions regarding the policies and procedures that the board takes in enforcement of the CCRs. These resolutions will be shared and discussed at the annual meeting, and then distributed to all homeowners following the meeting through USPS mail, as is required by the CCRs. We wanted to allow homeowners the opportunity to review them in advance of the meeting and ask questions if needed of the board.
Resolution Regarding Interpretation of "Business" and 'Commercial" Uses (Article V, Section 5.01)
Fence Policy Addendum A (Article V, Section 5.24 Fences)
Rec Center, Gym and Racquetball Court Rules & Policies (As allowed in Article VI, Section 6.07(e))
If you have questions regarding these resolutions, please email Christian at Sentry Management at or address the board at the annual meeting.
CVOA Board of Directors