Board Elections are March 9th - Read more about the nominees now!
Posted on Feb 19th, 2022

There will be three (3) director positions that need to be filled at the annual meeting on Wednesday, March 9, 2022, each for a three-year term. There will also be one additional board vacancy to be filled due to a recent resignation, to complete the remaining one-year term of the vacating director. It is crucial that homeowners participate in the annual meeting and we reach a quorum in order to conduct business at the annual meeting. There are two ways in which you can participate in electing the next directors:
In Person –
  • You may cast your vote in person at the Annual Meeting on March 9, 2022. The meeting is in the Pioneer Room in the Rec Center.
  • A ballot will be provided for you.
  • Please bring your ID to verify your address.
Proxy and Absentee Ballot - 
  • If you cannot attend the meeting in person, please return your proxy.
  • The proxy will be used to give a friend, neighbor, or a CVOA board member the ability to cast your vote.
  • You can vote yourself without having to attend in person by completing the proxy and absentee ballot
  • Please read through the list below of nominees and send in your ballot along with your proxy.
  • The proxy and absentee ballot must be signed, dated, and filled out to be valid.
  • The proxy and absentee ballot must be returned prior to the annual meeting by Tuesday, March 8, 2022.
Want to learn more about our nominees?
Click below to learn more about their background and review the responses to their application. 
Be sure to read the entire Official Meeting Notice!
This includes the agenda, voting instructions and the proxy and absentee ballot, and annual newsletter, which was mailed to all members in mid-February. Please note, at the February 15, 2022 Board of Directors Meeting, 2 minor changes were made to the proxy and absentee ballot after mailing. Each member will have a total of 4 votes rather than 3 (due to a recent resignation), and homeowners do not need to be in good standing in order to vote in the election. These changes are highlighted. 
Want to attend the meeting virtually?
New this year, a virtual attendance option will also be available. If you would like to attend the annual meeting virtually, registration will be required. Please register by clicking the link below. PLEASE NOTE: the virtual meeting will be for viewing only. There will not be a way to vote in the election for the Board of Directors virtually. You must still submit your Proxy and Absentee ballot the day prior to the meeting, or attend the election portion at 7:15pm in person to have your vote counted. 
2022 Annual Meeting Virtual Registration >>> Click Here