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100 Deadliest Days of Summer Driving
Posted on June 20, 2023 1:54 PM by Bonnie Straight
Categories: General
If you happen to venture to the Boise Towne Square Mall through Memorial Day you will see a large display outside the front entrance.  The display is not what you would expect walking into a shopping center.  It is a wrecked vehicle from an accident on the connector.  Luckily the driver walked away without much harm.  Unfortunately during the 100 Deadliest Days, the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, our state sees far too many accidents where those involved are not this lucky.  Attached below is an article link from the press conference we held this past Friday hoping to bring awareness to and serve as a warning to the many folks who will be driving our highways this summer.  Being at the conference and hearing Caldwell Officer Defur’s story of losing his daughter in an aggressive driving accident 10 years ago broke my heart.
Our hope is you take the time to share the importance of safe driving with your family, friends, and neighbors. 
This summer, and truly every day, we remind you to:
Avoid distractions when driving, especially putting down your phone
Control your speeds
Don’t drink and drive
Control your temper, avoid driving aggressively
Wear a seatbelt