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The pools at Columbia Village are officially closed for the 2017 season. The pools will reopen Memorial Weekend of 2018.

Sun Shades Update
A little background …
The sun shade system was designed and installed during the pool area expansion of 2013. The cost of the shade sails and poles was around $25,000. We were told that they would be able to withstand 120 mph winds and last 10+ years. CVOA opted to take them down every season for longer life and protection of the sails. The original vendor performed the initial install and removal for the first two seasons and then backed out. CVOA searched for a vendor that would support the install and removal process every year. After using several different vendors with marginal service, escalating costs, and no concern for care of the shades, CVOA asked the original vendor again to support their shade system for the 2016 season. They agreed but at a much higher rate than in the past. CVOA felt the additional expense was worth taking in order to care of the shade system. During the 2016 install, the shades were damaged. CVOA negotiated with the vendor to remove, repair, and reinstall the shades at their expense which they agreed to. The necessary repairs were made and the shades were installed in April 2017 prior to the pool season. The vendor told CVOA they would no longer do business with us and asked for a release of liability. CVOA was very disappointed with their behavior and has no plans to use their services in the future.

A few weeks later, a large wind storm forced two of the shades to break loose. The shades whipped around and became damaged once again in addition to becoming a safety hazard. CVOA directed the HOA management company to locate a reputable vendor that would reattach or take down the sun shades to avoid more damage or injury. A new vendor, Recreation Today of Idaho (RToI), was contacted and agreed to remove the damaged shades prior to the pool opening. During the inspection of the two remaining two shades, RToI recommended removal of the two remaining shades due to “poor design” and stated safety concerns. With the safety of homeowners our major concertn, CVOA agreed and the remaining shades were removed.

CVOA has asked RToI for a bid to repair and reinstall all 4 shades. RToI was not interested in reinstalling the original due to poor design and safety concerns. They did not want the liability and provided industry standards for their concerns.

  • Maximum span of any shade system should not exceed 55 feet, one of CVOA spans is 75 feet.
  • Attach points and hardware are inferior and prone to failure across large spans and high winds.

Bottom line …
CVOA can purchase new sun shades to replace those on the lap pool side using the existing pole system for approximately $10,000. They would take 6 to 8 weeks to make, deliver and install. Based on preliminary bids, it will cost another $40,000 to replace the shades over the kiddie pool. These shades will require two additional poles to support the shades across the large span.

CVOA is scheduled to meet with RToI to discuss alternate options at a lower expense (both short and long term).

This has been a very unpleasant and lengthy process to deal with. CVOA understands the value of shades in pool area on a hot summer day, but safety of homeowners is our first concern. There will be a shade solution, but due to timing, logistics and cost, not until next season.

The Board asks for your patience. Please review previous minutes or attend a monthly board meeting for more information.

— CVOA Board of Directors

Board Meeting Highlights
Hello Columbia Village neighbors!  Below are some of the highlights from the last CVOA Board of Directors meeting!


  • Did you know you can pay your quarterly CVOA dues via debit or credit card at the Rec Center office?
  • Summer is here! Keep your front yards mowed and weed-free.
  • The Neighborhood Watch program in Columbia Village is being revamped. Watch for new information coming soon! If you have previously volunteered to be a block captain or would like to participate, please contact Nikki Hampton or call/text 208-761-4373.
  • Please note: Next Door is a helpful tool for sharing information, it is not an official communication method of Columbia Village OA (CVOA) . If you have feedback for the Board, need to submit requests, or are in need of information, please do that through the office or this website.
  • If you see sprinklers leaking throughout the common areas of our neighborhood please contact the office by phone or stop by and pick up a small flag. If you could help us mark those locations, Aloha can fix the issues where they see flags in the ground.
  • We are in need of members of the newly formed Rec Center committee. If you’re interested, contact the office.
  • The neighborhood Events Committee is also in need of a few new volunteers. If you’re interested, contact the office.
  • Reminder, that Columbia Village has a Violations Policy. Please check it out here: (link)

Thanks, CVOA Board of Directors

Enjoy the Disc-Golf Course! Listed below are rules and expectations of using the disc-golf course:

The Disc-Golf Course is for Columbia Village Owners Association (CVOA) residents only; guests must be accompanied by a resident who must be carrying their CVOA Rec Center access card with them. No smoking or alcohol allowed on course. Please dispose of trash properly. Respect others and have fun!

CVOA Course Rules:

  • Discs that land behind fences are considered LOST and may NOT be retrieved.
  • DO NOT disturb  homeowners and DO NOT CLIMB FENCES.
  • Check with Rec Center after 30 days to see if disc was turned in for recovery.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in access card deactivation.

Disc-Golf Rules:

  • Throw from the tee box to the basket in the fewest shots
  • Player must have one foot behind spot where disc came to rest
  • All disc play must remain in bounds
  • One stroke penalty for going out of bounds
  • Continue play from last location disc was in bounds
  • Do not throw until hole is clear
  • Yell “Fore” if disc goes errant towards someone
  • Player with the lowest score wins!

You can find the printable Disc-Golf Course map here.


  • The Rec Center has free WiFi! Bring your laptop, tablet, and mobile device and check it out! You will need to connect, then open a browser and accept the terms and conditions before you will be allowed to browse the internet. Please be considerate and responsible when connected.
  • The Rec Center Office has a mail slot! Please be sure to use this instead of placing items under the door to ensure they are received! You can turn in checks for quarterly dues, lost and found items, suggestion forms, etc. Please remember that the mail slot is under surveillance so any misuse or inappropriate behavior will be captured on video. Please be respectful.
  • The Rec Center is open daily from 5:00am to 10:00pm.
  • Swimming in the summer is from 9:00am – 9:45pm; except for the adult lap pool which opens at 5:00 am. Swimming lessons are currently not offered.
  • All Columbia Village homeowners and renters are able to use the Rec Center at no extra charge. All you need to do is bring down a utility bill with your current address on it and a drivers license to the Rec Center during office hours.
  • ATTENTION RENTERS: In order to get a key card, along with the information mentioned above, the homeowner of the rental MUST fill out a KEY CARD PERMISSION FORM. We can not issue you a card until we have permission from the homeowner for the renter to use the Rec Center. We will issue you a key card to access the Rec Center after acceptable forms are brought in.
  • If current owner has an active card and that card is not turned in or brought in by the renter, then there will be a $30.00 charge.
  • Any extra or replacement cards are $30.00.  Reactivation fee for cards suspended for non-payment of HOA dues is also $30.00.  We can accept credit or debit cards (processing fee applies) and checks.  We do not accept cash.

    The Rec. Center Manager is Heather and can be reached:

  •  Monday through Thursday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

  • Fridays from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

  • Lunch is taken from  1:00-2:00pm

  • The office phone number is (208) 433-0643, fax (208) 433-1436 – If there is no answer, please leave a message and you will be called back as possible.

  • Email –

features for residents to enjoy:

  • Outdoor tennis court with key card access
  • Exercise and weight room
  • Indoor racquetball court
  • Four swimming pools in the summer
  • Disc-Golf Course
  • RV storage area just for residents to rent
  • Meeting room with full kitchen for residents to rent for non-reoccuring events (limit 90 people)
  • Adult and children’s library

Violation PolicyWe have a set of rules for the Rec Center known as our Violation Policy. The Violation Policy can be viewed here.

Rec Center rules To view the Rec Center rules just click here.