East Boise, to include Columbia Village, has recently experienced an increase in the burglaries of cars and garages. Residents are reminded to lock their vehicles and keep valuables out of sight. This includes garage door openers which can be used at the time or in the future to access the garage and possibly the house.

Photograph and document the serial numbers of all valuables, especially firearms, bicycles, lawn equipment and power tools. Jewelry may not have serial numbers so good photographs are very important to help identify if stolen.

Officers also want to remind residents to please not leave firearms in vehicles, even if the vehicle is in a garage. Many stolen firearms are those taken from vehicles


This is our neighborhood crime prevention committee.
It is organized into a team of block captains who watch
over small sections of the neighborhood. This committee
also acts as a telephone tree and communication network
to quickly contact all homeowners in the event of a
neighborhood emergency. They also order Neighborhood
Watch signs and distribute the Boise Bark Newsletter.