The Architectural Control Committee exists to help ensure
consistent application of design criteria and requirements
included in the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions
(CC&R’s) and Architectural Specifications and Standards.
All proposed exterior changes to homes and landscaping
must be reviewed and approved by this committee prior
to work commencing. Some examples include: changes
to house color, installation of a new roof, addition of more
living or garage space, patio covers, construction of
fences, placement of storage shed or significant changes
to the landscaping in your yard.
This committee also handles Covenant Violations and
tries to resolve these violations with the homeowner.
If a homeowner does not comply with the Covenants,
corrective action up to and including legal action may be
taken. All complaints must be in writing with your name
and phone number so that we can sure to address the
correct issue on the correct property. All complaints will
be kept confidential.