History and committees

Columbia Village was previously covered by sagebrush steppe, a portion of which was a part of the historic Oregon Trail. On the edge of the Great Basin, the neighborhood broke ground in 1991. Recreation Center I was the first sales office, from which owners accessed model homes through gates backing to Alyssum.

Recreation Center II was built about 1993. In 2004, Recreation Center I was sold after more than 2/3 of all owners voted to sell the property and put the funds into expanding rec. center II. The goal was to reduce maintenance costs, add amenities, reduce vandalism, improve safety, and to finish out the weedy field in the center of the neighborhood by turning it into a park.

In 2005, the association received a grant from Idaho Rivers United to complete a two acre section of park using little water.

The Architectural Control Committee exists to help ensure consistent application of design criteria and requirements included in the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R’s) and Architectural Specifications and Standards. All proposed exterior changes to homes and landscaping must be reviewed and approved by this committee prior to work commencing. Some examples include: changes to house color, installation of a new roof, addition of more living or garage space, patio covers, construction of fences, placement of storage shed or significant changes to the landscaping in your yard.

This committee also handles Covenant Violations and tries to resolve these violations with the homeowner. If a homeowner does not comply with the Covenants, corrective action up to and including legal action may be taken. All complaints must be in writing with your name and phone number so that we can sure to address the correct issue on the correct property. All complaints will be kept confidential.

The Landscape and Maintenance Committee plans and oversees the maintenance of the common area which includes berms, lawns, bedding areas, sprinkler irrigation system, micro paths, and the desert belt areas. The committee serves as a liaison with our landscape maintenance contractor to assure that the care of our common areas is done properly. Landscape maintenance is the largest cost item in the budget or our homeowners association.

This committee tends to the operation and maintenance of the recreation center and their needs. With the help of our management company, they deal with the recreation office, security card access, rule violations/vandalism, security camera system, security patrol, police office, exercise room, building maintenance, pool maintenance, pool rules, golf disk course, swings, sauna, park area, events, lifeguards, improvements, rental of the recreation center, and the operation and maintenance of the RV Storage lot.

This is our neighborhood crime prevention committee. It is organized into a team of block captains who watch over small sections of the neighborhood. This committee also acts as a telephone tree and communication network to quickly contact all homeowners in the event of a neighborhood emergency. They also order Neighborhood Watch signs and distribute the Boise Bark Newsletter.