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HAVENWOOD UPDATE  Received from City of Boise 8/18/15:

Boise City Council will hold a public hearing on September 1, 2015 at 6:00pm in the Boise City Hall Council Chambers, 3rd fl. to hear –  file number CAR15-00020/Foothilluction, LLC ‘Rezone of 4.32 acres located at 3572 E. Grand Forest Drive from R-1C (Single Family Residential) to N-OD (Neighborhood Office with Design Review).  Any questions regarding this item should be directed to Susan Riggs at 384-3830 or at sriggs@cityofboise.org.  Please identify the file number in the subject heading if sending an e-mail. 


To CVOA: 7/30/15

Last week, the Board received a homeowner email requesting what steps the Board plans to take as it relates to the Havenwood development.  They specifically asked if we were going to file an appeal.

Based on advice from the Association’s lawyer (see below), the Board is not going to appeal last week’s Planning and Zoning’s decisions/recommendation. The Board’s focus remains in the area where we have legal authority: that is, the enforcement of the CVOA Master CC&R declaration.

The Havenwood developers have indicated that they would like to meet with the Board to discuss “CC&Rs” this month.  After the meeting, the Board will make an assessment of the situation.

If any CVOA owner has matters that they would like the Board to consider, please feel free to submit them in writing to the CVOA Recreation Center for the Board’s consideration.

On behalf of the CVOA Volunteer Board of Directors,

Chris Eden – President

Selected notes from CVOA lawyer dated 10JUL15…


P&Z were correct in indicating that the question before them would not include compliance with the Columbia Village CCRs.  They are strictly a civil matter.  As I had earlier indicated, the CCRs would not figure in the P&Z decision.  The Local Land Use Plannning Act does not include CCRs as an item that can be considered in approving or disapproving an application.

The CVOA would not have legal standing to challenge the P&Z decision.  The lot in question was originally intended to be developed for apartments as were the adjacent lots designed for business development.

There do not appear to be any grounds for an appeal in any event as the responses from the various agencies would not have supported a denial.



SLN has provided the schedule below for the Havenwood project:  (We will post updates as we get them).  Questions regarding this item should be directed to Susan Riggs at 384-3830.

May 26th    Application was submitted to City of Boise

July 6th   Boise Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing at 6L00pm in the Boise City Hall Council Chambers, 3rd Floor. –

August 11th Tentative date for Boise City Council public hearing*

Note that neighbors within 300 feet and the Association will be notified by the City 14 days prior to public hearings, and the property will be noticed with signs by the City approximately 10 days prior to public hearings.

Letter from the board regarding Havenwood: CVOA – City of Boise