Dues for 2018
CVOA dues are not increasing for 2018. Bills for the same amount will be circulated by Sentry prior to January. More information about annual budgets, capital planning and reserves will be coming in the annual February newsletter and discussed at the annual meeting to be held March 14, 2018. All members of CVOA will have the opportunity to discuss what 2019 and beyond looks like.

Dog Off-Leash Area
The CVOA Board voted to not appeal the outcome of the November 6th hearing of Boise City Planning and Zoning, which overturned the original approval by the city’s planning director. A committee will reconvene in the upcoming weeks to determine next steps for the existing fence.

The sign located on the corner of Yamhill and Lake Forest is a prototype. The original intent of the sign was see if it was visible and eye catching. With so much feedback we think the sign has definitely been noticed by many of you! The original plan was to have multiple “Welcome” signs throughout the neighborhood where upcoming events can be advertised along with other messages, as needed. As with many prototypes, the first one is more expensive because of the set up cost; additional signs will not cost the same amount. Regarding the controversy about the speed ‘20 mph unless otherwise posted’ – that is really just a reminder to slow down. As you know, the speed limit through the main streets of Lake Forest, Grand Forest, and Yamhill is 30 mph (although we often have drivers who exceed that speed), and the ideal speed limit on other side-streets such as Mimosa and cul-de-sacs is 20 mph. The language on the sign can be modified to communicate this ‘slow down’ message a little differently. The Board is looking for a few volunteers who want to serve on the committee to finalize or modify this program. If you are interested, please contact Christian Brockl at cbrockl@sentrymgt.com. The committee will discuss options to continue the program, revamp the layout of the sign, the size of the insert section to advertise various events, and possibly change some of the font/colors, layout and location of any future signs.

New and Improved Website Coming Soon!
We have just started the process of creating a new and improved website for CVOA.

Common Area Under Power Lines and Idaho Power

Did you know the property under the power lines is owned by CVOA? Idaho Power does not own or maintain the property under the power lines. CVOA has the ownership and maintenance in those areas.  Your volunteer board does their best to help maintain these areas on existing budget dollars.  Idaho Power only maintains the ability to keep their transmission lines free of hazards.  If you have a question, suggestion, or concern for those areas, please contact DSI who can forward them to the Landscape and Maintenance Committee.  Do not contact Idaho Power for maintenance or landscaping issues. 

Lawn Maintenance

As a Board, one of our goals is keep Columbia Village a great place to live. This spring and summer, CVOA will be actively addressing lawn maintenance issues throughout all of Columbia Village.  Please treat weeds as needed.

If you are planning to replace your fence, please remember to complete and submit an ACC request.  ACC forms can be found here or at the Rec Center.

Misc Information

  • Ridge to Rivers
  • Les Bois Junior High Community Map
  • CVOA Community Map
  • WiFi is now available in the rec center! Stop on by and try it out! (You must accept the terms & conditions in order to connect. Please be considerate and responsible when connected.)
  • Pay your dues online: visit http://www.dev-services.com/ to learn how.
  • All are invited to attend CVOA Board Meetings held the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm in the meeting room at the Rec Center. If you wish to speak, please call Shirlee with Development Services the Wednesday before at 208-939-6000 to be placed on the agenda.
  • Columbia Village RV Storage is full. If you wish to be placed on the waiting list, please email your information to the office and the size of space that you require.

If you are a resident of  Columbia Village Phase 15 (Townhomes) and are wanting to report issues with sprinklers, please contact AMI at 208-385-9650.

For all other sprinkler issues please email The Rec Center office at office@cvoa.net  so they are able to forward the email to the landscaping company for their records as well.  Please be sure to have details as to the issue and the location.

Concerns with maintenance of the Simplot Sports Complex? Please contact City of Boise Parks & Rec at 208-608-7600.

  • SIGNS & FLYERS: Signs and flyers should not be placed in the common areas. This includes light and sign posts.
  • Have an idea or suggestion, let us know by clicking on the Contact Us link and send us an e-mail.