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Columbia Villages CC&R’s CVOA Master CCRs 2015, CVOA No 2, CVOA No 3, CVOA No 4, CVOA No 5, CVOA No 6, CVOA No 7, CVOA No 8, CVOA No 9, CVOA No 10, CVOA No 11, CVOA No 12, CVOA No 13, CVOA No 14, CVOA No 15, CVOA No 16, CVOA No 17, CVOA No 18, CVOA No 19, CVOA No 20, CVOA No 21, CVOA No 22, CVOA No 23, CVOA No 24


Subdivisions Basalt Bluffs, Havenwood CCRs, Kelton Crossing CCRs, Silverado Ranch No 1, Silverado Ranch No 2, Silverado Ranch No 3, Superior Ridge No 1, Superior Ridge No 2, Whistler Ridge

Columbia Village By-Law’s Click here.

Our goal at Columbia Village is to maintain a clean neighborhood that is in great condition. This way we can all enjoy an increase in our property value.

You may at some time receive a letter stating that you are in violation of the CC&R’s. If you do receive a letter, this is just a reminder to correct the stated violation. We do not send out letters to harass any residents. This is merely to maintain a pleasant living environment for all residents. If you feel there has been a mistake please contact the Rec Center office and we will discuss it further with you.

Common Areas

Common areas are all around Columbia Village. These areas are not the responsibility of the residents of Columbia Village. The common areas are maintained by Columbia Village Owners Association. However if you notice there is a problem with a common area we greatly appreciate homeowners letting us know. You can send a complaint from the (Home Page) or you can call the Rec Center at (208) 433-0643.

Please contact the Rec Center office about items like graffiti on fences or on the walk ways/bike paths.  If you notice vandalism or damage to our facilities please report that as soon as possible.

Fence Policy


All fences must be maintained throughout Columbia Village. The fence policy as outlined in Section 5.24 of the CCR’s shall take precedence and is the standard for which all amendments and addendums have been adopted by the Columbia Board of Directors and the Architectural Control Committee. Click on the links below for diagrams of fence setbacks, post information and fence plans.

Fence Setback Exhibits:

Interior Lots

Corner Lots

Fence and Post Details:

Fence and Post Details

Fence Plan and Elevation

Snow Removal

Columbia Village Owners Association is only responsible for sidewalks adjacent to common area and any other concerns about snow removal should be directed to Ada County Highway District (ACHD). Their phone number is (208) 387-6140. You can also view a list of local area contact numbers by clicking here.