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SLN has provided the schedule below for the Havenwood project.  The current schedule is as follows: May 11-22           Continue design and elevations of buildings, work on applications for submittal to City, Continue discussions with Neighborhood Association May 20th               Hold neighborhood meeting at 6PM at Columbia Village Recreation Building May 25th               Complete renderings, landscape plan, site plan, applications May 26th               Submit application to City of Boise July 6th                  Tentative date for Boise Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing* August 11th            Tentative date for Boise City Council public hearing*

  • Note that neighbors within 300 feet and the Association will be notified by the City 14 days prior to public hearings, and the property will be noticed with signs by the City approximately 10 days prior to public hearings.


CVOA ANNUAL YARD SALE – Saturday June 20th from 8:00am – 4:00pm.



“The goats have been hired again to reduce fine fuels in Columbia Village.  This year their target area is a small piece on the south side of Pegasus Way and then across Lake Forest in the common area between S. Impatiens and Hollyhock.  They will be eating in that corridor to the ‘loop’ on the trail there.  See map.  Please remember the following: The paths will be closed during this time.   It will only be a matter of a few days.  They will begin their work for the City of Boise near Hwy 21 and Surprise Valley soon!  They will not be in Columbia Village until later.  Please plan ahead and use alternate routes. The goats come with their own guard dog.  This dog is there for their protection from predators.  Guess what?  Your dog looks like a predator to the guard dog.  If you go to view the goats, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR DOG!  It will only agitate the guard dog.  You will probably be followed and barked at aggressively.  That is what the dog is supposed to do. If you have any questions, concerns, or compliments, please contact DSI at 433-0643. Goats 2015 Grazing Area



To CVOA: As you may recall, CVOA learned of the potential multifamily housing project (also known as Havenwood) on March 16th.  At our regularly scheduled board meeting on March 17th, we decided to invite SLN to share with us their plan.  On April 30th, SLN met with several board members at the Rec Center.  The meeting was very informal and the SLN team did not share any additional information to what was shared during their community meeting on March 18th.  Since this project is commercial in nature, it will be subjected to significant oversight by the City of Boise (for example;  rezoning requests, building permitting application, open community hearing, design reviews, etc…) and other governmental authorities (for example ACHD).  During the April CVOA board meeting, the Board determined that our strategy in overseeing this potential new addition is to focus on things that CVOA’s Master Declaration (also known as CCRs) describe and let the other governmental agencies focus on the area where they have jurisdiction. Even with the meeting of last week, the CVOA Board knows very little about what potential impacts the Havenwood project will have on CVOA.  We are continuing to work with our CVOA lawyer to understand our authorities as they relate to Havenwood. If any CVOA owner has matters that they would like the Board to consider, please feel free to submit them in writing to the Rec Center for the Board’s consideration.  On behalf of the CVOA Volunteer Board of Directors, Chris Eden President     I-84 Construction – ITD continues to work on expanding the Gowen Interchange; please visit this link for more information: ITD Gowen interchange info

  • Please visit the Neighborhood Watch Page for updates posted by the Public Information Office of the Boise Police Department by clicking on “Watch” at the top of the page.
  • New information and a map to the Disc-Golf Course can be found here.
  • Columbia Village has nice walking paths throughout the community, you can find a map of the community at these following links:

Ridge To Rivers: Les Bois Junior High Community Map: Les Bois Community Map CVOA Community Map: click here

  • WiFi is now available in the rec center! Stop on by and try it out! (You must accept the terms & conditions in order to connect. Please be considerate and responsible when connected.)
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  • All are invited to attend CVOA Board Meetings held the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm in the meeting room at the Rec Center. If you wish to speak, please call Shirlee with Development Services the Wednesday before at 939-6000 to be placed on the agenda.
  • The Board has an open position. If you are interested in volunteering  for the Board please call or email Shirlee at 939-6000 or .
  • Columbia Village RV Storage is filling fast. Come down to the Rec Center to reserve your spot today.


  • If you are a resident of  Columbia Village Phase 15 (Townhomes) and are wanting to report issues with sprinklers, please contact AMI at 385-9650.
  • For all other sprinkler issues please contact The Rec Center office at 433-0643. Please be sure to have details as to the issue and the location.
  • Concerns with maintenance of the Simplot Sports Complex? Please contact City of Boise Parks & Rec at 608-7600.