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Hello Columbia Village Homeowners!

The CVOA Board is looking for energetic volunteers to fill board positions and committees!

Please attend the CVOA Annual meeting 8 March 2017, 6:00 pm, Recreation Center and see if its for you. 

All that’s required is: 1) homeowner in good standing, 2) interested in contributing towards the goals of the community, 3) willing to spare a few hours a month out of your schedule, 4) enjoy working with neighbors, 5) and attend the monthly meeting.  

New members  typically start out on committees working with others and providing input on monthly tasks.  Normally volunteers are drawn towards committees that interest them such as landscape and maintenance, community events, rec center, website, newsletter, etc.  Once one becomes familiar with an area they are given the opportunity to lead those committees and/or become an officer of the board.   

If you have questions and would like to talk to a board member before volunteering or are all ready to sign up, please contact the Rec Center office and leave your contact information.  A committee member will be in touch to answer your questions or assist with bringing you on board.  

Thanks for considering this opportunity to give back to our community!

CVOA Board of Directors

Hello Neighbors!

Due to several calls about clearing snow from the side streets in our subdivision, the CVOA Board would like to provide some information on the topic.


– All CV streets are maintained by Ada County Highway District (ACHD).

– ACHD priority is main roads and intersections

– Side streets may receive clearing if/when resources become available


– CVOA snow removal budget is less than $10,000 per year

– The plan only considers our property (sidewalks, bike paths, and Recreation Center parking lot)

– Estimates to clear snow from side streets range from $6,000 to $10,000 per event


The beauty of Idaho winters equals an awesome season for skiers, snowboarders, and snow machine enthusiasts.  Yet others find themselves surrounded in less than desirable cold.  While the majority of the homeowners surveyed did not feel the need to spend any extra money to clear side streets, the board entertained the feasibility (although not a CVOA responsibility) and determined it not appropriate.

On the plus side, there are many great stories of neighbors helping neighbors in a variety of chores that warm the heart in this chilly season.

Thanks for your understanding and have a Happy New Year!

CVOA board of Directors.

Japanese Yew is dangerous to elk & deer if eaten. Please cover with burlap. For more information click on link below:

7 Elk die in Boise Foothills after eating poisonous yew.

Rec Center items:

* The CVOA Rec. Center is now accepting credit/debit card payments! Need to pay your HOA Dues? What about reserve the Rec. Center Rental Room? Come on into the recreation center during office hours and we will be happy to process your payment. Office hours Monday-Tuesday & Thursday-Friday 11:00am-5:00pm, Wednesday 11:00am-6:00pm.

Please Read – Common area under power lines and Idaho Power:

“Did you know the property under the power lines is owned by CVOA? That land is CVOA’s. Idaho Power does not own or maintain the property under the power lines.  CVOA has the ownership and maintenance in those areas.  Your volunteer board does their best to help maintain these areas on existing budget dollars.  Idaho Power only maintains the ability to keep their transmission lines free of hazards.  If you have a question, suggestion, or concern for those areas please contact DSI who can forward them to the Landscape and Maintenance Committee.  Do not contact Idaho Power for maintenance or landscaping issues.”

No Dumping Please

Please DO NOT DUMP in common areas.  Debris was found 2 weeks ago in the common area between Snapdragon and Shagbark.  Idaho Power does not own this.  CVOA does.  Personal dumping costs CVOA.  Money to clean up dumping is money taken away from improvements.

Annual Newsletter – For a list of C.V. events click on the link below.

February 2016 Newsletter

Firewise – The Firewise Representative for CVOA invites you to educate yourself about wildland fire.  See the opportunities below:

The 2016 Firewise Communities Ask an Expert Virtual Workshop Series begins Wednesday, July 27, at 1pm MDT with the Power of Embers featuring Steve, Quarles, PH.D. with the IBHS Research Center. This is the third year for the free one-hour workshops designed to connect wildland fire stakeholders with subject matter experts. Pre-registration is required. Additional information can be found at:


Each workshop provides a conference quality, free learning opportunity with leading researchers and practitioners in an interactive format. Every session closes with a fifteen minute live Q & A with the topic’s guest presenter. Please consider sharing the information with the residents in your program, neighboring communities and other stakeholders in your area.


2016 Calendar:

Workshop #1 – Wednesday, July 27 at 1pm MDT:  Power of Embers with Steve Quarles, PH.D., IBHS Research Center

Workshop #2 – Tuesday, August 16 at 1pm MDT:  Home Ignition Zone

Workshop #3 – Thursday, September 16 at Noon MDT:  Understanding Insurance in the Wildland Urban Interface

Workshop #4 – Tuesday, October 11 at 11am MDT:  Community Risk Reduction Success Stories

Workshop #5 – Wednesday, November 9 at 1pm MDT:  Wildland Urban Legends – Part 2


Lawn Maintenance

As a Board, one of the goals is keep Columbia Village a great place to live. This spring CVOA will be actively addressing lawn maintenance issues throughout all of Columbia Village.  Please treat weeds as needed.


 If you are planning to replace your fence, please remember to complete and submit an ACC request.  ACC forms can be found on the website and at the Rec Center.


For information about CVOA’s position on Havenwood, click here

Ridge To Rivers: Les Bois Junior High Community Map: Les Bois Community Map CVOA Community Map: click here

  • WiFi is now available in the rec center! Stop on by and try it out! (You must accept the terms & conditions in order to connect. Please be considerate and responsible when connected.)
  • Pay your dues online: visit to learn how.
  • All are invited to attend CVOA Board Meetings held the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm in the meeting room at the Rec Center. If you wish to speak, please call Shirlee with Development Services the Wednesday before at 939-6000 to be placed on the agenda.
  • Columbia Village RV Storage is full. If you wish to be placed on the waiting list, please email your information to the office and the size of space that you require.


  • If you are a resident of  Columbia Village Phase 15 (Townhomes) and are wanting to report issues with sprinklers, please contact AMI at 385-9650.
  • For all other sprinkler issues please email The Rec Center office at  so they are able to forward the email to the landscaping company for their records as well.  Please be sure to have details as to the issue and the location.
  • Concerns with maintenance of the Simplot Sports Complex? Please contact City of Boise Parks & Rec at 608-7600.